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We ONLY assist with SKILLED MIGRATION applications.

Australia has a non-discriminatory immigration policy, which means that anyone from any country can apply to migrate, regardless of their ethnic origin, their gender, colour or religion.

There are different criteria for different categories of migrants, as set out in Australia's Migration Regulations.

If a person satisfies Australia's selection criteria, he or she stands an equal chance of being selected, unless there is a cap imposed on the number of visas allocated to the particular category.

All applicants for permanent entry to Australia must be assessed against Australia's health and character requirements, which are designed to exclude any person whose presence in Australia would not be in the interest of the Australian community.

People who may be excluded from entry on character grounds include criminals or associates of criminal organisations, war criminals and any person likely to vilify a segment of the community.

Migrants are selected in three major streams - Skill and Family; while the Humanitarian Program offers resettlement to refugees and to displaced persons who have suffered discrimination amounting to gross violations of their human rights.

The rules for each, in general terms, are:

    Skill - migrants must satisfy a points test, have particular work skills, be nominated by particular employers or have other links to Australia, or have successful business skills and/or significant capital to bring to Australia to establish a business of benefit to this country.

    Family - selected on the basis of the family relationship to a sponsor in Australia - essentially spouses, fiances, dependent children, and parents who meet the "balance of family" test (a test designed to give an indication of how strong the parents' family links are with Australia compared with other countries), and...

    Humanitarian - refugees and other Humanitarian Program arrivals - must satisfy the criteria concerning refugee or humanitarian cases.

Two of the larger categories of skilled migrants are the Skilled-Independent and Skilled-Australian Sponsored (SAS). Entry under both categories is dependent on a points test.

The aim of the points test is to identify factors in a potential migrant that will either benefit Australia or help with settlement. The factors assessed depend on the migration category.

For Independent migrants they cover such areas as work skills (taking into account the acceptability of a person's qualifications in Australia and the amount of experience they have in their job), age and English language competency.

For SAS applicants, the above criteria apply, as well as family ties and the status of sponsors. (SAS covers family members such as non-dependent children, brothers, sisters, working age parents, nieces and nephews).

Bonus points are available to both Independent and SAS applicants for a range of criteria including:

More Information

If you need more information about migrating to Australia under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program please click here and fill in the FREE online assessment form and a qualified migration agent will contact you ASAP.